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Regulated by RICS


Based in Leeds, we provide professional consultancy services throughout the Yorkshire region, the north Midlands and up to the Scottish borders.


We are a RICS regulated firm, and all our professional staff are qualified Chartered Surveyors, therefore you can be assured of receiving the services of a qualified and skilled practitioner safe in the knowledge, comfort and security of professional standards and ethics.


Welcome, Strafford Associates is a firm of Chartered Surveyors & Valuers, offering  specialist consultancy services in the field of compulosry purchase and compensation.


In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of General Practice land and property management, survey and valuation services.


Established in 1999, the Practice has an excellent track record and a wealth of experience acting for central and local government as well as corporate and private clients.


Traditionally offering a specialist consultancy service in the fields of

compulsory purchase and statutory compensation, this remains a major part of what we do. In addition we offer residential and commercial valuation and management services, as well as dispute resolution and planning advice.  


Why Choose Us?

Electricity Wayleaves?

Free Health Check!

If you have an electricity pylon, pole or overhead line affecting your land, the chances  are you think it is there as of right and is an immovable object that you just have to live with.


Much as the Electricity Distribution Companies would like you to go on thinking that way it may not be the case.


Strafford Associates have extensive experience in assitsing land owners and property developers in dealing with these seemingly immovable objects to maximise the use and enjoyment of their land.

The first step is a review of any paperwork that relates to the apparatus. Strafford Associates will be delighted to assist with a no obligation 'heath check'  of the particulars affecting your site and advise on options for relocation, removal or compensation.


Where no agreement is in place land owners should not sign any new wayleave agreement or accept any payments that are made by a distribution company under arrangements with previous land owners without first seeking independant professional advice.    


By your side - especially when things go wrong

No matter how well planned and prepared a project is, the unexpected can and does sometimes happen.


The pictures  on either side show  the result of an unfortunate incident that occurred during engineering works at the Leeds and Liverpool canal, which required access over adjoining land for recovery works.


The landowner had the foresight to engage Strafford Associates in advance of the scheme commencing and an appropriate licence was already in place that was flexible enough to enable the unexpected recovery works to be undertaken.